Multiplier Reels

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2 stainless steel ball bearings provides smooth operation Multi disc drag system gives smo..
Ex Tax: €65.04
Altus LW20 Overhead
Trollers and bottom-bashers alike will enjoy the Altus's smooth drag courtesy of carbon fibre drag w..
Ex Tax: €48.37
Penn 114H2 Special Senator Reel
Combining the toughness of the legendary Penn Senator reel with higher gear ratios, the Penn Special..
Ex Tax: €138.20
General The classic look and style of the levelwinds reflects the heritage and reputa..
Ex Tax: €56.90
Penn Rival (RVL20LW)
Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates Auto-engaging gears Marine-grade bronze a..
Ex Tax: €60.98
Rovex CMR & LWR Boat Reel
These Rovex Boat reels are ideal for anglers who prefer a level wind to manage their retrieves for a..
Ex Tax: €52.85
Rovex Tide Line TL30 Mulitplier
Rovex - Tideline Multiplier Fishing Reel (TL30) Tideline multipliers offer excellent features a..
Ex Tax: €56.91
Shakespeare Omni 20LB Multiplier
The Omni range of reels represents the budget price point for Shakespeare and provides reels pe..
Ex Tax: €24.39
Shakespeare Tidewater XT Multiplier - 15lb class
The Tidewater XT Multiplier Reel a tough and dependable levelwind boat reel which offers good per..
Ex Tax: €28.46
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