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Cormoran Silicone Spray 50ml
DESCRIPTION:   Silicone Spray Super Quality spray with high silicone contingent. Makes..
Ex Tax: €6.10
Cortland Magnetic Net Release
Cortland Magnetic net release, with one of the most powerful magnets I have seen. Allows for quick a..
Ex Tax: €9.75
Gehrke's Gink® is now 28 years old. It is the first commercially offered, safe, dry fly dressing tha..
Ex Tax: €4.88
Sigma Buzzers
The flies will always work everywhere. A small fly that catches big fish. Set of 7 Red But..
Ex Tax: €7.32
Sigma Classic Wet Flies
A set of traditional classic wet flies that will always work. Set of 8 Soldier Palmer Ka..
Ex Tax: €7.32
Sigma Damsel Nymphs
A set 7 innovative fly patterns that will always catch a fish. Close Copy Flashback GH S..
Ex Tax: €7.32
Sigma Dry Flies
If you want to catch trout off the top this useful selection is perfect at any time of the year.. ..
Ex Tax: €7.32
Sigma Still-Water Lures
A selection of fly patterns that will work all year round. Set of 6 Orange Blob Viva Cor..
Ex Tax: €7.32
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