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Baithholder Hooks
Quality Baithholder Hooks Sizes 4 6 8 10 Hooks Per Packet ..
Ex Tax: €1.22
Cox & Rawle 4/0 Uptide Extra Hooks
Product Description   The Cox & Rawle Uptide Extra Hook takes the basic Uptide design..
Ex Tax: €2.44
Cox & Rawle 8/0 Meat Hooks
  Cox and Rawle Meat Hook   Cox and Rawle Meat Hooks are a classic hook and are e..
Ex Tax: €2.44
D.A.M. Baitholder Hook
Sumo Baitholder Hooks Sumo has taken the ever-popular baitholder hook to new levels! Incredibly..
Ex Tax: €1.63
Greys Prowla Supa Strength Treble Hooks
Quick Overview Prowla Supa Strength Trebles have been designed with the big fish specialist in mi..
Ex Tax: €4.88
Kamasan B611 Barbed Hook To Nylon Size 20
Kamasan B611 Barbed Hooks To Nylon The B611 is the same classic shape as the B511 wide gape nick..
Ex Tax: €2.44
Kamasan B711 Wide Gape
The Kamasan B711 is a wide gape hook    ..
Ex Tax: €1.62
Kamasan B911 Barbless Hooks
The long curving swept point on the B911 provides a really secure hold. This point in combination wi..
Ex Tax: €1.62
The ideal "Eyed Specimen" hook for a wide range of baits the B980 is produced from a medium gauge of..
Ex Tax: €1.62
Kamasan B981
Kamasan specimen barbless eyed ..
Ex Tax: €1.62
Kamasan B983 Wide Gape
The Kamasan B983 is a wide gape specialist hook with a 'whisker barb' curved needle point and an ang..
Ex Tax: €1.62
Mustad Beak Baitholder
Sharpest and Strongest. At Mustad tradition meets technology to create the world's #1 selling hooks...
Ex Tax: €2.85
Rovex Barbed Bronze Trebles
Product Description   Designed to suit the needs of pike fishermen Rovex treble hooks..
Ex Tax: €2.44
VMC Predator Treble Hooks
DESCRIPTION - The most popular hook in Europe for rigging - A large range of sizes for a m..
Ex Tax: €3.66
Zebco Gunsmoke Treble Hook
Zebco Topic Treble Gunsmoke, Barbed, 6 Treble Hooks per packet, Smoke Coloured, Treble Hook, Round W..
Ex Tax: €1.46
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