Grauvell Bionix Monofilament


An impressive and durable line ideal for all round fishing around the UK and abroad. The line has been semi prestretched to give excellent breaking strain for diameter whilst maintaining elasticity and giving enhanced distance. This is a fantastic sea line available on bulk spools containing 1000m of line in a range of breaking strains.

With more than two decades of experience in competition fishing, Grauvell work with Spanish and world champion teams to develop a vast array of products aimed at all fishermen, regardless of their specialty or level.

  • Nylon with 50% of Copolymer
  • Range of breaking strains
  • Bulk spools
  • Durable
  • Prestretched
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Additional information



100m 5.5lb, 100m 6.6lb, 100m 7.7lb, 100m 9.9lb, 100m 14.5lb, 100m 18.5lb, 100m 35.65lb, 100m 91.3lb, 100m 145.2lb, 250m 3.5lb, 250m 5.5lb, 250m 14.5lb, 250m 18.5lb, 250m24lb, 250m 29.9lb, 250m 35.6lb