Balzer Shirasu Pike Collector UV



Balzer Shirasu Pike Collector is a lure developed for large pikes over one meter. Striking are the UV-active eyes, which make this lure visible even at great water depths or in turbid waters from a great distance. The Pike Collector has a double twister tail that is shaped like a heart and fans out extremely wide underwater. This gives the Pike Collector a very large silhouette and magically attracts large pikes.


  •  Softbait
  •  Length/weight: 15cm/25g
  •  Length/weight: 20cm/55g
  • Choice of several variants
  •  Double twister tail
  •  UV active eyes
  •  Visible from a great distance
  •  Fans out extremely wide underwater
  •  Technique: casting, trolling
  •  Specially developed for hunting large pike
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Additional information



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