Berkley Surge Shad 130



An extremely versatile lure, the Berkley® Surge Shad provides an exaggerated wobbling action that is ideal for fish actively feeding on the surface or those that are suspended. It’s bill design has been tailored for multiple presentations. Simply reel it, twitch it, or aggressively jerk it – this silent lure excels in slightly calmer situations. ##Scott Suggs Pro Tip: Best suited for calmer conditions. Works well in deep or shallow water. Simply cast and retrieve for an attractive wobbling action.

  • Exaggerated wobbling action
  • Multi-purpose bill design
  • Silent lure for calmer situations
  • Integrated FlashDisc™ improves tracking stability and accuracy and gives the bait true balsa-like action
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks
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Additional information



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