Black Cat Worm


Rhino Black Cat Shad Worm Yellow Zombie 17cm 25g

The Shad Worm with a length of 17 cm is a soft lure specially developed by Stefan Seuß and has outstanding retrieve properties. The convex shape, resembling a fish skeleton and comprising several soft, successive rubber ribs, perfectly imitates the swimming action of likely prey. At the end of the lure is a pronounced rear blade. Ideal for casting with a spinning rod or vertical fishing just off the bottom. Even with a slow retrieval of the Shad Tail when spinning, or during the pausing stage when vertical fishing, the water pressure flowing through the ribs creates an attractive swimming motion that ripples through the entire fish body. For an optimal hook position, there is a recess in the back of the Curly Tail where a jig hook, or ideally the BC Claw Single Hook can be perfectly mounted.

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17cm Shad Worm-Motor Oil, 17cm Shad Worm-Red Head, 17cm Curly Worm-Yellow Zombie