D.A.M EFFZETT Perch Spoon


Hard times for pike in the predatory area,
Because EFFZETT brings the new and innovative metal baits EFFZETT Roach Spoon and Perch Spoon into play and on the market!
The unique design is based on the real body shape of a roach or perch.
The distinctive flanking action perfectly imitates a dying or sick fish in the water. 
The appearance of this beautifully designed zinc metal bait will drive predators crazy: With the latest photo printing technology, these baits get a very natural look with incredible colors and details.
Both baits are available in lengths of 7cm, 9cm and 11cm, which fits perfectly into the prey spectrum of all predatory fish. Another plus point is the shape combined with the weight.
Since the EFFZETT Roach & Perch Spoons are delivered in weights between 17g and 62g, they have a very good pourability.

This makes them ideal for anglers who cannot use a boat and fish from land:
in addition to the natural colors Roach and Perch, the EFFZETT Roach and Perch indicators are also available in bright and visible colors such as Fire Roach, Pink Roach, Rudd, Fire Perch, Orange Perch and Blood Perch available. 

There is the right color for every situation.
• Body profile and details inspired by nature
• Extremely realistic colors with photo printing
• Lively, attractive and unpredictable action
• Ultra-sharp EFFZETT triplets
• 100% lead-free zinc bait
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Additional information



Blood Perch 7cm-17g, Fire Perch UV 7cm-17g, Pink Roach 7cm 17g, Roach 7cm 17g, Orange Perch 9cm-36g, Perch 9cm-36g, Fire Roach 9cm 32g, Rudd 9cm 32g