Daiwa Prorex Live Trout Shallow Stalker Swimbait SS



Daiwa Prorex Live Trout Shallow Stalker Swimbait

The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait 210DF convinces by its action and realistic design. Application of 3D printing techniques enabled the creation of extremely realistic designs, which are hard to distinguish from the original.

The Slow Sinking Live Trout is particularly suited for fishing in shallow areas and near the surface – perfect, when predators hunt in the topwater layer at the evening.

The action and diving depth can easily be modified by using the individual eyelets: When attaching the Live Trout via the eyelet at the upper head section, the lure can be presented somewhat deeper with stronger movements. The DuckFin tail produces strong blast waves under water.

With its size of 21cm at a weight of 115g this lure can also be cast without problems. The Prorex Live Trout DF swimbait is delivered ready-to-fish and can be applied instantly.

  • Type: slow sinking
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