Dam Effzett Pike Seducer Curl tail


Based on the same body as our famous EFFZETT Pike Seducer but equipped with a lively moving curl tail this lure is designed in a very versatile way. It can be used for both casting and trolling and fished in 2 ways,a steady retrieve or with a pull and drop retrieve,where the lure drops randomly to one side on the slack line after getting pulled up rapidly. With this style the constant movement stops and the lure looks like a fish that wants to escape to one side – that’s when the fish strike. The available loose body versions allow countless ways of rigging,from a shallow rig with a cork screw or a heavy screw in jig head for drifting through deep open water.

Lures Effzett Pike Seducer Curl Tail:

Size : 18cm/23cm

• Realistic body shape and features

• Suitable for casting,trolling and vertical fishing
• Lively slow speed swimming action
• Medium sink rate
• Ultra-sharp EFFZETT treble

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Additional information


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