Fiiish Mud Digger


Glider head 3 actions

Stabilises the lure: In «vertical» fishing, this type of head allows the lure to remain horizontal for a time, a few centimeters above the bottom; a position that greatly attracts predators.

Slight gliding action: The flat surface on the underside of the «Digger» head slows down the lure’s descent and boosts the body’s action.

Excellent positioning on the bottom: The head naturally lands on the bottom whilst the body of the

lure continues to float slightly, continuing its swimming motion. In addition, the position of the upward hook gives a better result after bites.

Free hook, increased performance

 Lure mobility: The opening where the hook protrudes increases the flexibility and reactivity of the lure to rod actions.

Easier assembly: The opening serves as a guide to positioning the hook without difficulty. Just prick straight.
A stronger lure: This concept significantly avoids the body ripping during the bite.

Inverted paddle

Activates very quickly: The tapered body and small upward flipper give a superbly reactive natural swimming action. This movement is generated with the slightest solicitation, making it incredibly lively and very attractive!

Superb descending action: Its incredible efficiency is due to its descending action! It is often during this decisive phase that the fish attack! Watch out, this concept will make all the difference!

  • Combo – 1 rigged lure, 1 extra bodie 90mm [5g riged lure]
  • Maxi Combo – 3 rigged lures  90mm[1 x 5g, 1 x 10g, 1 x 15g]
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Additional information


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