Fiiish Power Tail Saltwater 100mm 55g Silver Green


The Fiiish Power Tail Saltwater are the latest additions to the Power Tail range – this 100mm model is available in 4 colours. The weight class is 55g, Fast action
The Power Tail is a new patented concept. A hard lure body provides an incredibly realistic action by utilising a transparent, paddle style tail fin disc. This gives the lure a slow fall rate with maximum vibration. The Power Tail is rigged with strong VMC treble of single hooks depending on the size.
The whole range of Fiiish Power Tail lures consists of three versions – Saltwater, Freshwater and Squid.
** an intense action at high speed and in strong current
** paddle style tail fin gives the lure a slow sink rate with intense vibrations
**effective in both fresh and saltwater
** excellent long distance casting capabilities
The shape of the new Saltwater Powertail has excellent aerodynamics to help achieve long casting distances from the shore or boat.
Suitable for straight surface retrieve or sink and draw methods.
The back of the lures are marked with weights and actions to help distinguish them better.

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