Greys Prowla Supa Sight Dart 20g


This Supa Sight Dart is ultra buoyant and has visibility where you need it – just above the water. It can be seen at long range even in rough and wild water. Thread your main line through the eye of the swivel, which prevents line twist if the float spins when it’s windy, and set your required fishing depth using a sliding stop knot and bead. Supa Sight Darts are available in 3 sizes each of which can be perfectly balanced with one of Prowla’s quick change In-Line Sinkers. – Ultra buoyant and high visibility – Insert moulded 100lb test swivel Dimensions – Size – 15g – 113mm / 35mm diameter Size – 20g – 117mm / 37mm diameter Size – 30g – 131mm / 44mm diameter Sight for all sizes – 42mm wide

  • Super visible, super buoyant
  • Seen at long range in rough weather
  • Insert moulded 100lb test swivel
  • Swivel eye, prevents line twist
  • Available in three sizes…
  • 15g, 20g and 30g
  • The sights on each float are 42mm wide
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Additional information