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Jarvis Walker Mirage 6ft


Jarvis Walker Mirage Spinning Rod, Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rods sit at the sweet spot of value and performance. Performance and bargain hunters will both be pleased. There is a Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rod for any angler, no matter their fishing game. The Jarvis Walker Mirage Spinning Rods are the industry standard for value to performance and continue that with the new year’s model that only extends this well earned reputation. For anglers on a budget, the Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rod delivers value with features usually reserved for higher end rods. Lined guides make sure that the line spools evenly on casts and recovery. The screw reel seat ensures that the reel stays secure even when fighting larger fish. The Mirage Spin Rod range offers the versatility for the angler to seek Trout in quiet streams or to go after bigger fish in the ocean. Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rods have several models in lengths from 6 to 9 to handle various conditions and types of fish. For freshwater anglers looking to land Trout or Perch, the 6 or 7 models are ideal. The 8 and 9 Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rod models can handle the heavier lures and tackle for the angler who wants to fish in the ocean. The Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rods excellent action on all four models is paired with an amazing finish. Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rods offer anglers a great looking rod that can easily compete with rods that cost double the price. Pair this with a Jarvis Walker Mirage Spinning Reel to create a combo that looks and performs as well as much higher end fishing gear. Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rods break into two pieces and are rated to cast 5g to 45g across the range. Anglers are sure to be pleased with the performance and price point. Jarvis Walker Mirage Spin Rods are great for fishing Barramundi, Cod, Salmon, Snapper, Kingfish, Queenfish, Mulloway, Drummer, Golden Trevally, Bonito, Tailor, Small Tuna and Coral Trout or sea bass.

Key Features

  • Excellent value and performance
  • Fish for a variety of species
  • Use in fresh and saltwater
  • Spin fish for perch
  • Cast lures for bass or pollack
  • High gloss blank
  • EVA handle
  • Lined guides
  • Screw reel seat

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