PowerBait Sneak Minnow 5 cm


Berkley Powerbait Sneakminnow

– Shad with V-tail
– Multiple colors available
– Length: 5cm
– 6 pieces per pack
– Articulated v-tail

-Challenging action
– Rolling action- Attractive colors
– Realistic 3D eyes
– Powerbait aroma
– The fish will hold on to the bait longer
– Soft material
– Lively vibrations
– Can be retrieved slowly in calm waters
– Perfect for dropshotting
– Ideal for perch and zander


The Berkley Sneakminnow is a shad with a v-tail made out of a light and soft material. The tail provides a challenging action, even when retrieving slowly. Use it for dropshotting or on an offset hook with a finesse rig. Available in a range of attractive colors. The Powerbait aroma ensures that the predator holds on to the bait longer so you have more time to set the hook and will miss less, even on cautious bites. Ideal lure for perch and zander.


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