Rovex Advance Telescopic Whip 3m


The Rovex Advance whips are an ideal starting point for all ages & abilities to learn the art of fishing. Fishing with a whip is a very easy to use method for new and beginner anglers and helps them to hone their skills on smaller fish before progressing to bigger things. Telescopic Whips offer a simple one knot solution to a great days fishing and avoids the confusion associated with reels for new anglers. Simply tie the rig to the preformed wire loop in the pole tip, set the depth of the float to the water you are fishing and catch your first fish today.

Available in 3 length variations from 3m to 5m, all fitted with a sensitive flick tip & end eye for easy rig attachment. The advance tele whips also come supplied with a quality barbless pole rig so you’re ready to fish straight away.

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Additional information