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Rovex Big Boss 9000

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Rovex Big Boss II Reels have a reputation as being big, tough and powerful, perfectly designed for saltwater and made for inshore and offshore fishing situations. The 2016/17 Rovex Big Boss II series is no exception. The 2016/17 Rovex Big Boss II series builds on the already outstanding reputation. 2016/17 Rovex Big Boss II Reels are already one of the most popular reels in the Rovex range and are set to be just as popular in the future.

Everything about the Rovex Big Boss II Fishing Reel is constructed to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing. Features include an aluminium body and side plate, a machined aluminium handle, an aluminium spool and a extra-heavy-duty polymer rotor. These components are tough and resilient, and offer everything necessary in a reel specifically designed for saltwater fishing.

Rovex Big Boss II Reels are popular with anglers who chase prey that like to go on long runs. Rovex Big Boss II Reels deliver outstanding casting performance and easy retrieval. With six stainless steel ball bearings, a stainless steel main shaft, a rock-solid infinite anti-reverse and a powerful-yet-smooth carbon-fibre drag system, Rovex Big Boss II Reels deliver what is needed to give outstanding casting and powerful and smooth lines. 2016/17 Rovex Big Boss II Reels have been and will continue to be a favourite of the most seasoned saltwater fishermen.

Anglers looking for the big torque needed for fighting the toughest of battles appreciate the power of Rovex Big Boss Reel’s gutsy gear ratio. The Rovex Big Boss II Reel provides plenty of torque for those hard-core battles with saltwater predators. Huge line capabilities ensure plenty of braid or monofilament in reserve for when the big fish run long all afternoon.

Extra features of the 2016/17 Rovex Big Boss II Reels include the machined aluminium handle, which screws directly into the main gear for firm and consistent power. The aluminium spool has a rubber grip ring for spooling braided line and the alloy main and brass pinion gear pairing have deep-cut teeth for excellent gear contact and deliver ongoing strength.

  • 6 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Carbon fibre drag
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Aluminium body and side plate

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