Rovex Easyflow Spoon Nets


The ultimate compact range of landing nets, Rovex Easiflow Spoon Nets have been designed to give anglers unmatched functionality while doing what they love best. Built for optimum performance and the ability to cope with a range of species like the Barbel, Carp and Pike, these landing nets are just what every commercial water or recreational fishing angler needs in their kit.

Rovex Easiflow spoon nets come with a super-strong frame that will take a massive amount of weight without cracking under the pressure. Anglers can go ahead and land their catch with confidence knowing the Rovex Easiflow Spoon Nets won’t let them down. The soft, fish-friendly mesh featured on these spoon nets is as good as they come and make sure that no harm comes to the fish. These Rovex Easiflow Spoon Nets make sure that unhooking is walk in the park for any angler no matter what skill level. On top of that, the mesh of the Rovex Easiflow is easy-flow, minimising underwater drag in the strongest of currents.

Rovex Easiflow spoon nets also feature top-of-the-line brass screw threads that hold the net securely in place. The durable nylon spreader blocks allow for better accessibility and ease of use. The drops of Rovex Easiflow range of spoon nets are more than enough for an angler to get them easily under most resting fish. Add to that the strong handles that ensure that an angler is always in control and you have a great all-round fishing net available in three sizes.

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Additional information



18'', 22'', 24''