Rovex Nitrium 3000

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Rovex Nitrium Reels are some of the best selling reels from the Rovex brand. 2016/17 Rovex Nitrium Reels continue to deliver on the Rovex brand ethos – one of durability, reliability, performance and extreme value for money. Rovex Nitrium Reels are the rugged workhorse of the Rovex brand and are sure to continue as a major hit with anglers and retailers alike.

High powered performance has not been sacrificed in anyway as Rovex Nitrium Reels continue down a path of lighter weight with robust longevity. Rovex Nitrium Reels feature a graphite body and graphite rotor with a ported aluminium spool, a stainless steel shaft and brass pinion gear to deliver agility with strength.

Rovex Nitrium Reels offer angler comfort with a one touch folding handle. Durability for the long haul, that being further casts or smoother retrieves, includes a thick bail wire, three ball bearings and infinite anti-reverse.

Anglers can target Snapper and other popular fish with the Nitrium’s freespool baitfeeder system. The range includes a variety of sizes to suit any angler’s needs.

  • 3 ball bearings
  • Aluminium spool
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Stainless steel main shaft
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NI 3000