Rozemeijer Maori Jerkbait


Rozemeijer Maori Jerkbait

– Available in different colours!
– Quality jerkbait
– Length: 12cm
– Weight: 57g
– Diving depth: 0,1-1,2m
– VMC 9610 trebles
– 360 degree rotating trebles
– Loud rattle
– Unique action
– Attractive colour
– Can be fished in with short and quick twitches
– Makes the difference on frequently fished waters
– Ideal for pike fishing!


What a unique appearance! Again, recognizable at a glance as a Rozemeijer hardbait. The Maori is a short “gliding” jerkbait. With fairly short and fast twitches this Maori moves from left to right and flanks because of it’s high back. The Maori will really make the difference. An action and shape like this one is hard to come by.

You will not wait long for bites to come. The Maori has a length of 12cm and a weight of 64 grams, which makes it sink slowly. This gives you the opportunity to start fishing a little deeper. Depending on the speed, the Maori runs between 10cm and max 120cm deep. Of course the Maori is equipped with the 360RSHS 360 degrees system (rotating trebles) in combination with the VMC 9610 razor sharp trebles. The big rattle of the internal balls makes it extra attractive!

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Additional information


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