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Savage Gear LB 3D Fat Minnow T-Tail Shad 10,5cm (4pcs)


Savage Gear 3D Fat Minnow T-Tail

– Length: 10,5cm
– Weight: 11g
– Packed per 4 pieces
– Beautiful flanking action with lots of tail movement
– Suitable for spinning, jigging, verticals and diagonals
– Soft and durable material
– Perfect for fishing on lighter jigheads
– A killer for perch, zander and pike!
– Watch the video at the bottom of the page


The Savage Gear Fat Minnow T-Tail is irresistible to perch, zander and pike! The beautiful flanking action with lots of tail movement makes this shad suitable for spin fishing, but also for jigging, vertical or diagonal fishing! The Fat Minnow T-Tail can be fished with any type of jighead, depending on your chosen method.

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