Sebile Onduspoon

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  • Several colours available
  • The Onduspoon has different curved sides along the longitudinal axis which allows the bait to sink slowly to the desired depth thus can be fished shallow
  • Unique front weighted design and rattle counterbalance allows the Onduspoon to maintain its desired depth on medium to slow retrieves
  • N3 version is unique in the fact that during a slow to medium trolling speed it will rotate 3-7 times clockwise and then 3-7 times counterclockwise eliminating line twist
  • Can be used in a wide variety of fishing techniques whether power or finesse
  • Rattle beads create a very noisy spoon


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Additional information

Additional information


NO.2, 95mm, 18g, NO.3, 120mm, 44.5g


Pike, Green Glitter, Black White Orange, Golden Sucker, American Shad, Natural Shiner, Firetiger Gold, Orange Fleeing Prey