Shakespeare Sigma Trout Fly Line

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This is a premium line with a beautifully even taper, an ultra smooth coating and a superb suppleness, regardless of weather. Available in floating, intermediate and Sinking, these Sigma lines are easy to cast, load the rod quickly, and their super-smooth coating aids shoot, ability and distance.

  • Ultimate fly line
  • Ultra smooth coating
  • Superb suppleness
  • Easy to cast
  • Even taper
  • Line length: 27ft
  • Available in Floating, Intermediate and Sinking
  • Inter Sink rate: 0.5″ per second
  • Medium Sink rate: 2″ per second
  • Manufactured in the UK


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Additional information



WF 3 Float, WF 4 Float, WF 7 Medium Sink, WF 8 Medium Sink, WF 6 Intermediate, WF 7 Intermediate, WF 8 Intermediate