Sufix XL Strong


All Sufix monofilament lines are created with a copolymer compound, resulting in a premium performance line. Superior tensile and knot strength combined with unequaled abrasion resistance and smooth handling for the finest monofilament line available. From the pros battling fish offshore to the weekend surf angler, there’s a Sufix monofilament fishing line for every fishing scenario.This smooth line is exceptional for casting, offering less twisting, fewer kinks and less backlashes. Made with a super copolymer nylon formula, Xl Strong offers added toughness and excellent abrasion resistance.


  • 6.1LB/2.8kg/0.18mm
  • 7.3lb/3.3kg/0.20mm
  • 9.7lb/4.4kg/0.23mm
  • 12lb/5.4kg/0.25mm
  • 14.5lb/6.6kg/0.28mm
  • 16.9lb/7.7kg/0.30mm
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Additional information



6.1, 7.3, 9.7, 12, 14.5, 16.9