Westin Hypoteez Buzz ‘N’ Blade



When predators sink to the deep, change your armory and take them on with the new HypoTeez Buzz ‘N Blade. This Rigged ´N Ready variation of the hugely successful HypoTeez is easy to cast and quickly sinks to the depths where it can work its magic. With a simple retrieve, the lure wiggles its body and buzzes its propeller and blade until? STRIKE! Thanks to the balanced weight in combination with the propeller and blade which works as a break it’s always sinking at a 45 degree angle. Meaning the propeller and blade have two purposes, creating vibrations in the water as well as keeping the HypoTeez in strike position! This bigger version of the normal HypoTeez features the same ultra-realistic Smelt design and is perfect for a wide array of predators.

  • Material: Superstrong TPR rubber
  • Realistic eyes
  • Japanese-Style # 2 Treble Carbon Steel Hook / Single hook # 6/0
  • Full wire-through body construction
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Soft body with inside weight
  • Mounted with propeller and willow blade for the right buzz and slow sinking action
  • 45° sinking angle – strike position
  • Hand painted detailed colors
  • 16cm

Weight: 38g

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Additional information


16cm-Real Deal