Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia Atom Spoon


The Atom spoon was first sold 1949 and it’s still a best seller and a great catcher. Its classy look and fantastic action make this the ideal for all freshwater predators. This famous pike lure has quite literally caught thousands of fish over the decades. For best results using the Atom – fish it slow and steady and wait for the hit.

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Additional information



55g copper, 55g silver, 35g uv glow orange black, 35g uv blue orange, 35g uv yellow orange, 35g uv green orange, 25g copper, 25g silver, 25g blue flash, 25g blue silver, 25g multi, 25g silver orange, 25g red head pearl, 25g uv glow orange green, 25g uv glow orange black, Uv glow yellow orange, Uv glow blue orange