AirPlus Ultra Memory Insoles


Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles

The Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles have been expertly designed to provide optimal support to feet that are working and standing all day. They mould to the feet for personalised comfort, while also providing targeted heel protection to absorb shock.

Who Can Benefit from the Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles?

The Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles are ideal for anybody who spends all day on their feet. This could be as a result of the nature of work or due to an active lifestyle. They will help to prevent pain from surfacing as well as relieving existing pain with cushioning and shock absorption.

Key Features and Benefits

  • All-Day Wear – Specially designed with the worker in mind
  • Personalised Support – Memory foam construction moulds to the foot
  • Improves Hygiene – Antibacterial properties protect against odour-causing bacteria
  • Ideal for Hard Surfaces – Can be worn while working and standing on hard surfaces and in rugged worksites
  • Targeted Heel Protection – Insoles absorb extreme shock to reduce the risk of pain
  • Versatile Use – Designed to fit inside most work boots, casual shoes, and trainers
  • Trimmable Design – One size fits most that can be trimmed down to size for the best possible fit

Which Size of Shoes Will These Insoles Fit?

These insoles measure 11cm in width and 32cm in length, and are suitable for men with shoe sizes from UK size 7.5 to 11 (EU size 41 to 46).

Sizing Information

To ensure that you receive the best fit possible, the Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles are provided in one size suitable for men, which can then be trimmed down to size as required. This means that you can alter the insoles to the specific size and shape of your work footwear, enabling them to fit as snugly and comfortably into your shoes or boots as possible. With the Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles, you can go about your work day and concentrate on the tasks that matter while knowing that your feet are as protected as possible.

Moulded Support

When buying generic shoe insoles that offer no specialist properties, you may find that the comfort provided is not right for your foot shape. With the Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles, however, the memory foam construction moulds instantly to the shape of your foot, offering personalised comfort that is just right for you.

Protection Against Hard Surfaces

The Memory Plus Insoles combat pain caused by hard surfaces by coupling enhanced comfort with heel protection to ensure you can stay on your feet without compromise to your performance, safety, and comfort. The heel protection is also targeted in that area to absorb shock, which will be particularly useful for when working on hard surfaces. This will help to prevent pain while also reducing the risk of any damage to the heel.

Ideal for Wearing in Work Shoes

As your work shoes may differ to your everyday shoes, it’s important that your insoles are suitable for more specific shapes. The Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles are ideal for most work boots, casual shoes and trainers, ensuring that you need not worry about changing your shoes or foregoing insole support altogether.

Trimming Guidelines

Please note that the trim lines on these insoles may be provided in US shoe sizes. Therefore, it is advised that the insoles are progressively trimmed to ensure the best fit.

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