Clearance Westin Jerkbite SR Lure 13.5cm Limited Edition


Westin Jerkbite SR

– Great lure
– Length: 13,5cm
– Weight: 22g
– Dive depth: 0.5-1.5m
– Floating
– Material: ABS plastic
– Lead-free
– Three ultra-sharp treble hooks
– Realistic eyes
– Hand painted details
– Designed to be fished as a jerkbait / twitchbait!


The Jerkbite SR from Westin is a great floating lure. This lure is designed to be fished under all conditions as a jerkbait / twitchbait. Fish this Jerkbite SR fast and aggressively or steadily in, with short or long pauses. The special longcast system ensures that making long and accurate casts is not a problem. The lure is made of ABS plastic, is lead-free and features three razor-sharp treble hooks. Finished with realistic eyes and hand-painted details!

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