Clearance Westin Original Perch Blue Alpine 15cm Limited Edition


  • 1 piece
  • Size and Weight: Stands at 15cm with a weighty 34g design for more substantial casts and deeper dives.
  • Ultra-realism: From hand-painted details to an impeccable perch profile, every aspect screams authenticity.
  • Unique Tail Design: The upward-facing paddle tail delivers unmatched swimming action, attracting even the wariest of predators.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, its lifelike appearance and motion are effective for a range of predatory species.
  • Quality Assurance: A result of the iconic partnership between Westin and Tomy’s Bait, ensuring you’re armed with the best in the game.


Westin Original Perch 15cm 34g

Introducing the Westin Original Perch in an impressive 15cm, 34g size – the heavyweight champion of life-like lures for the dedicated angler. Crafted with precision and embodying decades of lure-making expertise, this model further solidifies the Westin-Tomy partnership’s commitment to producing the finest fishing tools.

Taking inspiration from the genuine behaviour and appearance of perch, which form a significant part of the diet for many predatory fish, the 15cm Original Perch is the epitome of authenticity and craftsmanship. The lure is meticulously hand-painted, and the detailed eyes add another layer of realism that predatory fish find hard to resist.

What sets this version apart, apart from its significant size, is the pronounced and dynamic shape that’s been enhanced with pronounced external fins, giving it an even more life-like swimming action. The signature upward-turned paddle tail, a hallmark of Tomy’s designs, ensures the lure has a unique movement in the water – fluttering and beating even at slower retrieve speeds.

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Blue Alpine 15cm