Density Snag Shock Leader


DENSITY SNAG & SHOCK LEADER Incredibly strong, unbelievably supple and soft to the touch, abrasion resistant and virtually invisible in water? That’s our new Density Snag and Shock leader. The non-absorbent and super soft formula and the co-polymer construction allows you to perfect your presentation and follow the contours of a lakebed perfectly. As the name suggests, this leader has one of the highest sinking ratios on the market. When we designed it, we wanted to offer a leader that provided high abrasion resistance combined with excellent useability, with features like excellent knot strength and controlled elasticity. Countless hours of testing from our pro staff teams around the world in some of the toughest conditions have proved that we achieved our aim. The Density Snag and Shock is the perfect boom section material on all combi and Ronnie-style rigs

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