Fiiish Power Tail


PTC New patented concept

The Power Tail® is a new, patented concept.

A hard lure body provides an incredibly realistic action by utilising a transparent, paddle-style tail fin disc. This gives the lure a slow fall rate with maximum vibration. The Power Tail® is rigged with strong VMC treble or single hooks, depending on the size.


Weights and actions are
indicated on the lure’s back to distinguish
them better.
S = Slow
Resin lure (plastic)
F = Fast
Zinc Lure
The 64mm FAST version Power Tail has a resin body
X-F = X-Fast
Lead lure

New design

An intense action at high speed and in strong current. Paddle-style tail fin gives the lure a slow sink rate with intense vibrations.

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Additional information

Additional information


Natural Trout 2.4g 30mm, Natural Minnow 2.4g 30mm, Silver Glitter 2.4g 30mm, Silver Glitter 3.8g 30mm, Natural Trout 3.8g 30mm, Natural Minnow 3.8g 30mm, Natural Minnow 6g 30mm, Natural Trout 6g 30mm, Silver Glitter 6g 30mm, Silver Glitter 4.8g 38mm, Wasabi ayu 4.8g 38mm, Wakasagi 4.8g 38mm, Natural Minnow 4.8g 38mm, Wakasagi 6.4g 38mm, Silver Glitter 6.4g 38mm, Wasabi ayu 6.4g 38mm, Wakasagi 8g 44mm, Natural Minnow 8g 64mm, Wasabi Ayu 8g 44mm, Natural Trout 10g 38mm, Silver Glitter 10g 38mm, Silver Sardine 10g 38mm, Natural Minnow 10g 38mm, Silver Glitter 8g 44mm, Natural Trout 8g 44mm, Silver Sardine 8g 44mm, Pink Trout 12g 44mm, Natural Trout 12g 44mm, Gold Rush 12g 44mm, Flash Mat 12g 44mm, Natural Minnow 12g 44mm, Silver Sardine 12g 44mm, Flash Mat 12g 64mm, Natural Minnow 12g 64mm, White Morning 12g 64mm, Rainbow Warrior 12g 64mm, Gold Rush 12g 64mm, Black Gold 12g 64mm, Sliver Glitter 18g 44mm, White Morning 18g 44mm, Natural Minnow 18g 44mm