Kinetic Playmate PT R2F


This full-body soft-plastic swimbait delivers a tail-thumping action and a side-to-side roll or shimmy that entices big fish to strike. Super-soft, yet durable. Rigged with screw-in jighead and a Mustad stingerhook. Ready to fish!

  • Realistic baitfish profile
  • Easy-action paddle tail
  • Pre-rigged
  • 90mm-10g-2pcs
  • 120mm-25g-2pcs
  • 150mm-30g-1pc
  • 200mm-62g-1pc
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Additional information



90mm-10g-Fire Tiger, 90mm-10g-Brown Tiger, 90mm-10g- Brownie No Nuts, 90mm-10g-Shiner, 90mm-10g-Arctic Blue, 90mm-10g-Dark Pinkness, 90mm-10g-Motor Oil, 120mm-25g-Fire Tiger, 120mm-25g-Brown Tiger, 120mm-25g- Brownie No Nuts, 120mm-25g-Shiner, 120mm-25g-Arctic Blue, 120mm-25g-Dark Pinkness, 120mm-25g-Motor Oil, 150mm-30g-Fire Tiger, 150mm-30g-Brown Tiger, 150mm-30g- Brownie No Nuts, 150mm-30g-Shiner, 150mm-30g-Arctic Blue, 150mm-30g-Dark Pinkness, 150mm-30g-Motor Oil, 200mm-62g-Fire Tiger, 200mm-62g-Brown Tiger, 200mm-62g- Brownie No Nuts, 200mm-62g-Shiner, 200mm-62g-Arctic Blue, 200mm-62g-Dark Pinkness, 200mm-62g-Motor Oil