Kinetic Smølfen


Kinetic Smølfen

The shape of this lure is well balanced for casting and the swimming action is outstanding. You will notice when you stop retrieving Kinetic Smølfen will start rotating around its own axis. You can fish the lure in various ways and the lure is generally very easy to fish. The holographic surface combined with the clear orange striking point towards the tail, will release much attraction.

  • Lead free zinc
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Prema steel hook
  • Stainless steel split ring
  • Erratic swimming action
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Additional information



Black/Copper Flash 20g, Blue/Silver Flash 20g, Green/Silver Flash 20g, Red/Golden Flash 20g, Red/Black Glitter 20g, Black/Copper Flash 28g, Blue/Silver Flash 28g, Green/Silver Flash 28g, Red/Golden Flash 28g, Red/Black Glitter 28g