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LMAB Kofi Roach Shad 3pcs Original price was: €15.00.Current price is: €3.00.

LMAB Kofi Perch Shad 3 pack

Original price was: €15.00.Current price is: €4.00.

LMAB KOFI Perch Shad 14cm have very natural looking lures have a scale textured skin, realistic fins and big 3d eyes. With added scent, the predators will find the Køfi Perch very hard to resist. KÖFI Shads are available in different shapes and sizes which is perfect for different applications. The 14 cm version is the one to use when going after bigger zander and pike when mounted on a 5/0 hook Jighead

Size 14cm 3 pcs in pack

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Motoroll perch, Natural Perch, Real Perch, Brown Trout 14cm