Preston Quick Drying Keepnet 4m


With mesh that’s more water resistant than most nets offer, and designed to give less resistance on fast flowing water, the Preston   Quick Dry Keepnets are the ideal choice for coarse anglers planning to stay out for several days on the campaign trail, or match anglers fishing a weekend tournament.

Angling Foundation Fishery approved, these keepnets feature a fixed angle top ring, which provides a secure anchor point, with pull through hoops for friendly weighing-in. Base pegging points hold the net well below the water, keeping your catch out of sight of aerial predators such as cormorants.  Tough corner guards offer further reinforcement to the durable quick dry mesh, and make the keepnet a suitable choice for larger, stronger specimens, and the rough and tumble of life on the river.

Ultra strong intermediate hoops ensure that the keepnet holds its shape, keeping your catch calm and safe until you’re ready to weigh-in, photograph, and release.  Brightly coloured blue mesh allows you to keep clear sight of your net in coloured or weedy water, so you can easily ensure your catch doesn’t come to any harm.

Suitable for most commercials, as well as river fishing.

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