Preston Supera Drop Bucket



Preston Innovations is a brand that has one goal in mind when it is producing its tackle, to provide quality products that are designed with a purpose. Preston has over 30 years of experience in producing fishing tackle and equipment, and its success is down to the brand’s dedication to following and listening to the leading match anglers to then learn and incorporate the techniques and methods that work into the products. Because of this dedication and listening to real angler’s needs, Preston is one step ahead of other leading fishing tackle providers.

The Preston Supera Drop Bucket is great for when fishing at venues that are some way above the water level. Whether you fish from the top of the dock, some rocks or on a cliffside, the Supera bucket will allow you to collect water for your fishing session.

The bucket is made from high-quality 0.8mm EVA, which has good low-temperature properties and is incredibly tough so it can keep up with the demands of coarse fishing. The fabric can help maintain the waters low temperature so that when you catch a fish and you need to sprinkle them with some water as they lay on your unhooking mat that it isn’t too hot, damaging the catch.

You are able to collect water from a height thanks to the long cord that comes with the bucket and allows anglers to lower or secure, water. The handle of the bucket is uniquely shaped so that you can have maximum control when retrieving the bucket. The groove in the handle makes sure the cord stays tied to that section (the centre) and this is further supported by a clip that holds the knot in place. The handle is made of a thick cord material itself so it can bend slightly and makes this slightly easier to control as it adds a bit more weight the front of the bucket than a plastic handle would.

For ease of retrieval and storage, the bucket comes with a winder for collecting up the long cord. This ensures the cord does not get knotted when sitting at the bank.

Alternatively, you could use this bucket to gather enough water to mixing groundbait or for soaking pellets. It has a rigid body and a stiff rim thanks to the durable material, meaning it is versatile for a multitude of functions.

So for a bucket that can collect water, store it and allow you to easily mix baits, the Supera Drop Bucket is an excellent choice.

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