Rapala X Rap Jointed Shad


With its jointed body, the X-Rap® Jointed Shad produces an exaggerated swimming motion, sometimes just the ticket to turn on sluggish fish. Cast or trolled, impressive action begins at your slowest speed. Run it fast with equally fantastic action. Near-neutral buoyancy with a slight rise on pause mimics the wounded minnow perfectly. Internal textured finishes and holographic foil, 3D holographic eyes combine to create a true fish catching machine. Premium VMC® black nickel hooks. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, perfection right out of the box

  • Jointed Body
  • Internal Textured Finishes
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • Neutral Buoyancy
  • Premium VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested
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Additional information



Gold 13cm, Silver Blue 13cm