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Celta spinners differ from standard spinners- they are characterized by sharply cut and tapered upper part of the body. Its action is very distinctive but it slighlty differs from excessively profiled spinners. They are led very nicely and are felt on the rod. The offer includes Celta spinners in 4 sizes – from 1 to 4 and in 10 color variations. And although there is no sizing 0 and 00, the “size 1” is attacked with fury by small perch, chub and ide. Rublex, until recently, did not produce controvertials lures, which are considered the smallest versions of spinners. Currently, the company has been forced to develop a kind of “zero” Celta, but it doesn’t enjoy extraordinary popularity.
Rublex Celta spinners feature a pretty heavy body, resembling the shape of a bottle with a few grooves. The spinner is characterized by the fastening of the treble hooks in a turned sleeve with a cotter- it limits the movement of the treble hooks.
Traditional Celta spinners- silver, gold and copper –attract all the predators and such as, perch, pike, chub, barbel and, of course, trout and sea trout or salmon…On silver spinners you can catch asp, perch and catfish.
Celta is a spinner, which is led in all directions – it works well when you retrieve it with the current, which is typical for trout rivers. It has an interesting action does not tend to pop-up on the surface, as you do not hold the rod too high.
Runsideways in the current, it easily reaches the bottom and can be led slightly above the bottom for a few metres, which allows the angler to fish for barbel, trout and sea trout.In standing water it moves at the first spin of the reel crank and can be led extremely slowly. It responds well to a change of pace.Many anglers, however, considers spinner with stripes as the most effective – and here Rublex provided enthusiasts of stripes five variations of striped lures. So you can choose the right model for perch, chub and ide. The darkest patterns may prove to be effective while hunting for barbel in clean, mountainous rivers.

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#0 Green/Gold, #2-Green/Silver, #1 Green/Gold, #1 Green/Copper, #1 Green/Silver, #1 Red/Copper, #1 Roach/Gold, #3 Red/Copper, #3 Green/Copper, 3 Green/Gold