Rublex Orkla


Orkla is the quintessence of excellent refinement of the spoon – both the shape and bending make the spoon perform its extraordinary action. It works extensively, even if it is carried out slowly, very, light acceleration is enough for the spoon to be spun around on its axis and to temptingly glitter in the depths, imitating the movements of amused or sick fish.

What is more, Rublex invented an interesting patent – Orkla spoons are “duplicate” by weight. At the same length they have a different weight. They are just pressed and cut from sheets of different thicknesses. Spoons from such a “pair” have slightly different action, penetrate the various layers of water and differ in optimum speed and casting range.
Both, however, seem to “attract” lake pike and perch, river zander, as well as large river catfish. Orkla is a spinner that can lead to many spinning back to fishing spoons. Orkla spoons can induce many spinning anglers to start again fishing with spoons.

While fishing with Orkla spoons, even the smallest ones, you have to remember that, for example pike and zander do not see too clearly. This type of spoons, through its actions, leaves in the water “a gleam of light” and may seem quite a substantial bite for a predator. With Orkla No. 1 and 2 you may expect to catch a really big fish – do not therefore apply excessively thin lines while fishing with thses spoons.

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Orka 2 13g Silver/Red, Orka 2 13g Silver/Copper, Orka 4 17g Silver/Red, Orka 4 17g Silver/Copper, Orka 5 13g Silver/Red, Orka 5 13g Silver/Copper