Salmo Fatso 8cm


The FATSO certainly was a ‘breakthrough’ lure, just notice the way others try to copy this killer. But despite all the efforts made, the FATSO’s wiggle simply can’t be copied. Any serious game angler who clipped on a FATSO to twitch, crank, jerk or troll it can tell you how devastatingly effective the is. So get some FATSOs and you will be in for a super season, and don’t forget your pliers – there are trophy fish just waiting to be unhooked! Jerkbaits Fatso are available in one size and in floating, sinking. Recommended for: Pike, zander. Typical fishery, season and method of use: F14 F – large lake; late spring; trolling flat-line or with additional weight. F14 S – shore area of lakes near thin or thick reeds; autumn; casting. How to fish with Fatso:

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