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The name says it all – this egi lure is one-of-a-kind that can achieve casting distances most squid anglers will have never experienced before. How have we done it? For start we removed the external lead weight traditionally used on egi lures and installed an internal tungsten weight that cooperates with our innovative Spring Cast system. It casts a mile and has a hypnotic swimming action once it hits the water with a sharp jerk response. There are two different sink versions available: the Normal Shallow (NS) that can help you fish effectively in depths between one and 10 metres, and the Normal Deep (ND) that is the perfect match for fishing depths between three and 15 metres. Whichever is right for you, the colour range has been specifically designed to trigger attacks from squid under any light conditions or moon phase, with added UV technology to make them highly visible to squid. Carrying our sharper-than-ever Savage custom needles and a knock-knock system that produces an attractive sound with each jerk, this unique lure could be the difference-maker for you.

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Oblada 10cm