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Savage Gear 3D Goby Crank


Based on a scan of a little Freshwater Goby! This little crankbait swims with the most enticing and seductive action. Build in tubular rattle chamber in the back makes a great provoking sound. The Relatively wide bill will bounce of Rocks and bottom on the retrieve and the lure will move backwards on spin stop if you give a little slack – trigging hard strikes. The lure is perfect for many freshwater predator species that just loves Freshwater Gobys, Trout, Perch, Pike and Zander.

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Additional information


4cm 3g uv red and black, 4cm 3.5g uv orange, 4cm 3.5g Goby, 4cm 3g Blue Silver, 4cm 3g Firetiger, 5cm 3g uv red and black, 5cm 3.5g uv orange, 5cm 3.5g Goby, 5cm 3g Blue Silver, 5cm 3g Firetiger