Savage Gear

New Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Roach Limited Edition 2024


  • 3D Scanned Details
  • Photo Printed details
  • Scented
  • Line Thru Concept, with bigger Ø 4mm
  • Line Thru Modifier, #3 for 25cm, #4 for 32cm
  • SGY 1X Trebles, # 2/0 for25cm, #4/0 for 32cm
  • Split ring connection to wire loop
  • Carbon49 Wire 0.78mm 31kg
  • Protective reusable clam pack
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Additional information

Additional information


25cm 206g SS Roach, 25cm 206g SS Bream, 25cm 206g SS Albino Roach, 25cm 206g SS Silver Bream GH, 25cm 216g S Roach, 25cm 216g S Bream, 25cm 216g S Perch, 25cm 216g S Albino Roach, 25cm 216g S Silver Bream GH, 32cm 420g SS Roach, 32cm 420g SS Bream, 32cm 420g SS Albino Roach, 32cm 420g SS Silver Bream GH, 32cm 445g S Roach, 32cm 445g S Bream, 32cm 445g S Albino Roach, 32cm 445g S Silvere Bream GH