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Savage Gear Crazy Swim Jig Gear


Savage Crazy Swim Jigs Bring a little craziness to your next fishing trip with these swimming skirted jigs that feature an amazing fluttering and vibrating action that can only be described as crazy! They are mounted with a V-tail minnow and lively silicone skirts, creating a perfect baitfish profile with erratic action. Other features include stainless steel hexagon stamped blades and ultra-sharp forged high carbon steel fine wire jig hooks with Nano points and micro barbs. Stainless steel wire body holder, with pro-peg loop and barb. This is a superb search lure for perch, pike, bass and most other predator fish out there.

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Additional information


10cm sinking black nd red, 10cm sinking white silver, 12.5cm sinking Motor Oil, 12.5cm sinking yellow white, 12.5cm sinking black nd red, 10cm Sinking Yellow White