Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Lure Kit



Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Kit

– Available in several colours
– Length: 12cm
– Number of pieces: 6+6
– 1x 4/0 weedless hook
– 1x 4/0 2g weedless hook
– Two small glass rattles
– Two 1.3g tungsten weights
– Aerodynamic design
– Different tail designs
– Great action
– Ideal for bass, zander and pike fishing!


A series of slim shads that allow you to fish where no one else can! Thanks to the aerodynamic design, these shads can be cast very far. Furthermore, the shads feature different tail types so you can respond well to any situation. The shads feature a slot in their body in which a rattle can be placed. In addition, the shads have a weight slot in the tail so you can cast even further when needed!

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Additional information


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