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Savage Gear MP Paravane


The Savage Gear MP Paravane can be used for both lures and baitfish. When trolling and a fish hits, try to avoid releasing the clip. Instead fight the fish and retrieve the line until you can get hold of the Paravane and can clip it off the line by hand. This way you avoid the Paravane sliding all the way down to the fish, giving it weight to throw the hooks. When fishing for bigger fish, where the clip most certainly will release on a strike, mount a stop bead a meter or so in from of the lure. This stops the release sliding Paravane well ahead of the fish.

MP Paravane – Multi Purpose Paravane withy stainless steel 45 degree angle keel, with superb side kiting effect. The MP Paravane comes in a right and left side versions. Line clip that folds neatly away when not in use. Designed for trolling lures and bait at speeds between 0.5-4 knotts.

  • Right and Left versions
  • One piece body
  • Stainless steel keel
  • Line friendly release clip
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