Savage Gear Pro Grub Kit (52 pcs)


Savage Gear Pro Grub Kit

– Number per pack: 50 pieces
– Two sizes of Pro Grub: 5cm and 6.5cm
– Five colours, four lures each in the two sizes (40 pieces)
– Jigheads #2, 2.5gr and 4gr
– Jigheads #1, 5gr and 7gr
– Dropshot super slide hooks, #4 and #1
– Specialized sinkers, two of each size: 5gr and 7gr


The ultimate Pro Grub kit, with a whopping 40 lures and a handful of super handy accessories! With a nymph-style front body, a ripped tail bridge and an incredibly lively and very thin curled tail, the Pro Grub offers great movement even at very low speeds. It works great with smaller jigheads or even on the dropshot and is a great lure for catching perch, trout and zander, but give it half a chance and it will catch just about any predator out there!

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