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Scierra Poly Leader Salmon Floating

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Scierra Tactical Poly Leader (Salmon)

The new Tactical fly line system has been made by analysing the many special casting techniques used around Europe. Shooting heads sound to some fishermen as a very specialised niche within fly fishing. But the fact of the matter is that it is quite simple and helps you to optimise your casting and fishing.
The Scierra Tactical Fly line system is created on the idea of using as little power as possible in any thinkable situation using the casting style of your choice. They are made to follow the weights of the well known AFTM line system, easily recognised and marked on all Scierra fly rods. The heads have a shorter and redrawn profile compared with many other lines on the market. This gives you not only a great shooting ability with a small effort but also a unique control of the line on the shorter distance as well.
The Scierra Tactical shooting heads are built on a non-stretch power core. Using a unique PVC free coating, making the line one of the most supple and long lasting lines on the market. It has smooth integrated coated loops in both ends, for easy change of line and poly leader. All classifications are colour coded for easy recognition. All heads are density compensated for you to reach any desired depth for presenting your fly.

The Tactical poly leaders are made to fit each individual line in the program. Optimising the use of the leaders by adjusting the length accordingly to the density of the leader. All leaders are produced to help you to make the right choice with the guidance of the species. But like all creative fishermen, you are free to make your own experiments.

Floating – Clear

Intermediate – Brown

Fast Sink – Olive