Shakespeare SALT XT Boat Rod


The Shakespeare SALT XT Boat rods are setting a new standard for boat rods in their price class. Due to the high grade carbon that is used, the rods all have a very slim diameter blank, but there is more than enough power in those rods. The sensitive tip section builds up to a stronger backbone, to make sure there is enough power to give a good hookset at great depths and fight a big fish. The long front handle of high-density EVA is easy to clean and can be held with 2 hands when fighting a big fish. All rods are equipped with a rubber bulb and X-wrap shrink rear handle to maximize comfort. The special K-type guides making sure that the line cannot get entangled around the guides anymore, preventing knots and breakages.

Super slim diameter carbon blanks
SW Proof K-type guides
Easy to clean high density EVA grip
X-shrink rear handle
Rubber bulb

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