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50:50 Method & Paste Natural

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Method feeder fishing is one of the most popular techniques used by modern match anglers, this means the fish have probably already been caught on it a number of times and therefore can be a bit wary or in some lakes, they have changed the way they feed.

This was noticed by Des Shipp when he kept getting knocks on the Method but they were not turning into proper bites. This is because the fish were knocking all the groundbait off the feeder without touching the hookbait so effectively leaving the hookbait with no feed around it which defeats the object of fishing a Method feeder. So we decided to make a groundbait which was stickier, harder, denser and easy to compact onto a Method feeder for venues where this occurs.

50:50 Method & Paste Natural has a very high protein content which comes from fishmeals and ground pellets, and it is this which helps it compact round a Method feeder, this means it will easily withstand the impact of casting, hitting the water and the drop through the water and any little knocks from fish trying to knock away the groundbait. It is also for this reason that it has gained a big following for Method feeder fishing in deep water both in the UK and Europe.

50:50 Method & Paste Natural is the colour of fish pellets, perfect for fisheries where lots of pellets are used.

It is not just a bait for the Method as the name suggests. The high fishmeal content lends itself perfectly to creating a paste for the pole just by adding more water if you prefer a really sloppy paste then keep adding water until the desired consistency is reached.

Andy Findlay (Inventor of the Method Feeder) says “For waters that are more heavily pressured or have a lot of fish in then I use 50:50 for the Method Feeder, because it is a sticky mix that compacts well, I know that it is hitting the bottom intact on the feeder every time, it will also withstand the little knocks you get so I know that the groundbait is exactly where I want it, on and round the feeder in a nice tight little pile so the hookbait is presented perfectly on top.”

Mixing Guidelines

50:50 Method & Paste Natural is simple to mix. Empty the 2kg bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket, fill a 2-pint maggot tub with water, pour this onto the groundbait and mix thoroughly, then allow it to rest for 30 minutes, during this time the water will be absorbed into the groundbait. Then for best results; to remove any lumps and create an even consistency, pass the groundbait through a riddle and it is ready to use.

When fishing sun and wind may dry the groundbait out a little, to combat this you can cover the mixed groundbait with a damp towel or if it does dry out just add a little more water and mix again.

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